The Little House represents the comfort, communication and interactivity that we have within ourselves and our surroundings. This installation is a homage to understanding that love and oneness come from within, a place to dive into different perspectives of our environments. It's an endeavor seeking to aid and raise the vibration in our hearts. We wish for all to see the light that shines within. 

Home is where the heart is. Access the home within you. 

“We are more than our outer being, or in this case, the mirrored reflections, whether it is an exterior of a house or an outer body. The home is not out there, but within. I so appreciated the reminder.”
— The Huffington Post

physical description


A 16x24 foot cabin-like structure covered in mirrors. The reflective surface enables viewers to immerse themselves within the reflections and achieve a feeling of one with the vicinity. Upon exploration you will find an inconspicuous tunnel that runs below the house. Explore its inner depths to experience what we call a vessel of ascension. The enclosed circular room which represents cycles, is designed to aid the rise of frequency. The room is equipped with 8 stations that emit binaural sound waves. Other features include site specific mixed media sculptures and an infinite kaleidoscopic mirrored wall treatment.


stimulate your senses

The Little House was created to boost the connection that we have with our inner and outer selves. It is also a platform to elevate our frequencies. We've made this possible through various features that stimulate your senses. We offer this interactive experience by providing a continuously evolving blank canvas generated by the viewers themselves.


binaural beats

What is it?

Binaural beats are auditory brain-stem responses which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each brain hemisphere. They result from two different auditory impulses or sounds, heard from opposite ears. This binaural beat is consciously heard as the human hearing range is from 20-20,000 Hz. Rather it is perceived as an auditory beat and theoretically is being used coach certain brain rhythms from what is called the frequency-following response (the tendency for the brain to resonate at the frequency of an external stimulus). You don’t need any special skills or practice to meditate using binaural beats, just a pair of headphones and an MP3 player!  

How does it work on the brain?

When signals of two different frequencies (sounds) are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects phase differences between these signals. The brain processes this anomalous information differently when these phase differences are heard with stereo headphones or speakers. A perceptual integration of the two signals in perceived in the brain, producing the sensation of a third “beat”. The difference between the signals waxes and wanes (this is the “wavy” sound heard in the hypnotic sessions) as the two stereo sounds mesh in and out of phase. The binaural beat is perceived as a fluctuating rhythm at the frequency of the difference between the two auditory inputs.


Binaural beats can easily be heard at the low frequencies (< 30 Hz) that are characteristic of the EEG spectrum (Oster, 1973). This perceptual phenomenon of binaural beating and the objective measurement of the frequency-following response (Hink, Kodera, Yamada, Kaga, & Suzuki, 1980) suggest conditions which generate brain waves activity and altered states of consciousness (hypnotic trance).


> 40 HzGamma waves: Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness.

13–39 HzBeta waves: Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia.

7–13 HzAlpha waves: Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams.

8–12 HzMu waves: Sensorimotor rhythm, Mu_rhythm.

4–7 HzTheta waves: Deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep.

< 4 HzDelta waves: Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness.


comfort from home comes from within

The word home embodies safety, a place of belonging, a bubble where our domestic affections are meant to be centered. From early childhood onwards we are continuously looking for this wholeness within the home. In a society like today's, most of these impressions are mere illusions; shattered notions that have been embedded by past generations, visual stimulation and a longing for connection. The Little House quenches this longing through connection with oneself, confirming that comfort from home comes from within. The Little House is a window into the multiple perspectives we have of our own selves. A way to connect with every view of you. A way to understand that home and wholeness come from within. 

photo field trip 

El Capitan, ca

“The photographers retreat at El Capitan Canyon consisted of creative workshops, talks and endless activities. Thank you Squarespace bringing us on this unforgettable journey..”

rumney guggenheim 

WIlliamsburg, NY

“Located in The Old Williamsburg Savings Bank. A restored historical landmark built by Weylin B Seymour in 1875.”

street life 

Williamsburg, ny

“A mirrored facade in a concrete jungle.”

in the desert 

black rock city, NV

“Reflections from a desert utopia.”

MAMA Gallery 

Los angeles, ca

“The Little House in the cosmos debuted as a manufactured cosmic scene.”